Watch this U.S. Marshal Smash a Woman's Phone While She Records an Arrest

Video captures a U.S. Marshal grabbing, smashing, and kicking a phone that belongs to a woman recording an arrest in Los Angeles.

A woman used her cell phone to record police activity in her neighborhood. A U.S. Marshal grabbed it out of her hand, smashed the phone on the ground and kicked it.  

Another woman recording from across the street couldn’t believe it!

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The shocking incident happened in the South Gate section of Los Angeles. Cops and U.S. Marshals say they were investigating a biker gang that was meeting in the a neighborhood. They were in the process of arresting six suspects when the woman pulled out her cell phone and began recording.

Beatriz Paez is the woman in the video.  

She said told INSIDE EDITION, "I was terrfied because I started to see out of the corner of my eye the one officer you all saw who was coming towards me. He proceeded to grab my phone and stomp it on the ground with his heavy boots and he still kicked it. Then he said, 'There is your phone.' "

Paez is an activist in L.A. who monitors police. This is just the latest incident in the national debate over police actions caught on video.

Six Baltimore cops were suspended after the suspect in another video suffered a severed spine while in their custody.  

And just last week, came the accidental shooting of a Tulsa suspect by a 73-year-old volunteer Deputy Sheriff who thought he was using a non-lethal taser.

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INSIDE EDITION spoke to Tom Verni, former NYPD Police Academy Trainer about this latest incident showing a U.S. Marshal knocking the cell phone to the ground and kicking it.

He said, "What we are seeing is a lot of the negative stuff and that tends to emphasis or reiterate a lot of the negative stereotypes or perceptions or misconceptions that people have about the police, like this group of Storm Troopers who are oppressing our rights and oppressing our free will to live. That is not really the case."

In a statement to INSIDE EDITION, the U.S. Marshals Service says: "The agency is currently reviewing the incident."

Paez told INSIDE EDITION, "I am traumatized. This is happening all over the country."