Watch this Grandma in a Bikini Fail Every Sobriety Test Cops Give Her

A bikini-clad grandmother was arrested for DUI while her grandson was in the car.

Busted—a hot grandma in a striped bikini!

It's not something you see every day. A curvaceous blonde grandmother at the side of a Florida highway, taking a sobriety test after a horrific car crash.

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Forty-nine-year old Patricia Ebel reeked of alcohol and failed every single sobriety test, according to  the arrest report.

Traffic slowed as passing motorists did a double take, watching the suspect fix her hair and stand with a hand on one hip.

When asked to stand on one leg, she allegedly claimed she couldn't do that on a good day.

Ebel had spent the day swimming with her 10-year-old grandson, who was riding with her when police say she crashed her BMW into a red Mustang.

Fortunately, grandma and grandson weren't hurt.

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An officer asked her, "Ma'am, do you know why you're going to jail?"

Patricia replied, "No."

"You don't?" asked the officer.

"No," she repeated.

The five foot seven, 130-pound grandmother is due in court next month to answer to DUI charges,  and is free on $3,000 bond.