Rare Quadruple Rainbow Appears Over Long Island

Following stormy weather, a rare sighting appeared in the sky.

April showers bring May flowers, but they also make way for stunning skies when the rain goes away.

On Tuesday morning it rained across the New York area and once it stopped, a rare quadruple rainbow appeared on Long Island.

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Long Island native Amanda Curtis snapped the erratic scenario and posted her photo on Twitter.

Quadruple #Rainbow at #glencove ny @LIRR station Today will be 4 pots of #gold #lucky #chasetherainbow #aprilshowers pic.twitter.com/4YUUveJuy6

— Amanda Curtis (@amanda_curtis) April 21, 2015

An event like this is so rare that in 2011, LiveScience reported that only five third and fourth level rainbows had ever been recorded in 250 years. This recent shot could possibly be the fifth ever, fourth level rainbow. 

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Rainbows form when light is reflected from rain droplets. According to New Scientist, double rainbows are produced when light reflects inside the droplets twice, triple rainbows occur when light is reflected three times, and quadruple rainbows appear when light is reflected four times.