Watch These White Tiger Cubs Rescue Their Brother After He Falls Into Pool

It's brotherly love at its best.

It was the first time these adorable white tiger cubs were let out to explore their glass cage play area, and it didn't take long before their adventure called for a little help.

The quadruplet cubs were born three months ago at the Tobu Zoo outside Tokyo. At first, they were hesitant to go out into the big space in front of zoo staff and onlookers, but with a little encouragement from their mother, Cara, they eased into it and were soon exploring the new territory.

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One of the cubs started playing around the pool area and accidentally fell in. His brothers quickly ran to his rescue to pull him out. It took two of them a few tries before they could haul him out of the water.

Witnesses said they could hear the baby cub was screaming pretty loud on the other side of the glass wall. 

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The little tigers are safe and sound now and the zoo is accepting suggestions on what to name them.

One thing is certain, the family ties run strong in this feline pack.