Popeyes Fires Pregnant Manager After Armed Robbery

She was told to pay back the money that was stolen.

A pregnant shift manager of a Popeyes location in Texas was fired less than two days after being robbed by a masked man at gunpoint.

Marissa Holcomb explained, "By the back of my shirt, he pulled me up and he pushed me to the front. He told me to give him everything out of my safe."

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Holcomb wasn't able to open the restaurant's safe, but gave the robber $400 that was in the register. She says her manager gave her a choice of paying Popeyes back the $400 that was stolen, or lose her job. She refused to pay the money back and was fired.

A spokesman for the franchise owner said Holcomb was fired because she left too much money in the register on multiple occasions, and had been warned not to do it.

Holcomb says she didn't have a chance to clear out the register and put the money in the safe because of a special Popeyes was offering on two-piece chicken meals that brought in a flood of business. She says that was the money they made within one hour.

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Popeyes national corporate office got involved and told the franchise owner to "reach out to the employee to apologize and rectify the situation," according to a statement from the CEO on Wednesday.

Franchise owner Amin Dhanani apologized to Holcomb and offered to give her job back to her with $2,000 back pay.

Holcomb, is five months pregnant with her fourth child. She isn't thrilled about returning to that franchise, telling KHOU, "I do need a way to support my kids. I don’t want to go back to a business where I’m treated the same and I just get pushed back out if something else happened."