Did Tom Brady Skip White House Visit Because of Deflategate Jokes?

Following Tom Brady's no-show at the Patriots' White House visit, there is speculation Brady may have snubbed Obama over deflategate jokes.

The New England Patriots celebrated their Super Bowl victory with President Obama at the White House.

But where was superstar quarterback Tom Brady?

Brady was a no-show, claiming he had "a prior family commitment."

But, there's speculation there was a snub and that Brady is miffed over remarks by the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, back during the Deflategate scandal when the Patriots were suspected of deflating footballs.

Brady stumbled through a press conference on the scandal and the White House press secretary ribbed him over it.

He said, "For years it's been clear that there is no risk that I was going to take Tom Brady's job as quarterback of the New England Patriots. But I can tell you, as of today, it's pretty clear that there's no risk of him taking my job, either."

And the president cracked a joke as well, saying, "I usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events, but with the Patriots in town I was worried that eleven out of twelve of them would fall flat."

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Syndicated radio talk-show host Howie Carr told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm not surprised that Tom Brady didn't show up. He doesn't need this kind of photo-op. He's one of the ultimate beautiful people, he doesn't need to enhance his status by going to the White House."

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