Ripped Woman Out-Muscles Unsuspecting Man on Flex Cam

Here's some gym inspiration for you.

Don’t mess with this lady and her big guns!

A woman proved big things come in small packages during a Flex Cam break at the Philadelphia Soul’s arena football game.

The Flex Cam is a stadium tradition where the camera picks out fans and puts them on the big screen to flex their muscles for the crowd.

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When the camera landed on one beefy guy, he leapt out of his seat to flex his muscles. He seemed to be enjoying the attention, flexing his muscles in a tight T-shirt and striking a body building pose.

The woman sitting behind him smiled, letting him have his moment before she stood up, took off her jacket to reveal her ripped body in a tank top. She leaned in and flexed her big and well-developed biceps right in his face.

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The man’s biceps, and his ego, were immediately deflated and he quickly sat down. She laughed it off and leaned down to say something to him, but he just stood there looking more than a bit embarrassed and wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

All hail to girl power!

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