Second Fugitive Apprehended, Final Escapee Still on the Run

Fugitive Tracy Province has been apprehended, the second of a trio of convicts who escaped an Arizona prison to be rearrested. Now only one man remains on the run and he is believed to be hiding in Yellowstone National Park with an alleged accomplice.

One dangerous fugitive is still on the run in the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park. John McCluskey, along with cousin and fiancée Casslyn Welch, have yet to be found. The two prisoners who escaped with McCluskey, Tracy Province and Daniel Renwick, have been recaptured by police.

It's feared that one of them killed Oklahoma couple Linda and Gary Haas, whose bodies were found in a burned-out camper.  
McCluskey and his fellow prisoners escaped from an Arizona prison by cutting through the fence, allegedly with the help of Welch.

The pair is believed to be hiding out in the vast national park, which spans the states of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

The spectacular mountainous terrain, which draws hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, is making the manhunt even more challenging.

"We have learned that McCluskey and his partner, who helped break him out of jail, consider themselves Bonnie and Clyde, they joke about it," said Dave Gonzalez of the U.S. Marshals Service

The hunt for the fugitives cast a pall over peak-season in America's most beloved park, where tens of thousands of tourists flock to sites like the Old Faithful geyser.

"Rest assured, we are going to be on McCluskey like a cheap suit," Gonzalez told reporters.

Authorities say the McCluskey and Welch may be heading for the Canadian border.

McCluskey's mother has been arrested, suspected of giving her son money to stay one step ahead of cops.

His step-father made an emotional plea to the fugitive to turn himself in:

"You'll never realize what you put your mother through...and me. Give yourself up," he said.

It's a plea that authorities say came too late for Linda and Gary Haas.