The Jenner Family and All of America Prepare for Bruce's Historic Interview

After months of speculation, fans and gawkers prepare for Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer.

The eagerly-awaited Bruce Jenner interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer airs tonight and the latest clip has been released.

In the latest clip, Bruce Jenner said, "I've got my health. I’ve got my children. I have got family. I got seven grandchildren now. I'm actually really excited about the future, and about what I can do to do some real good in the world."

Sawyer asked, "What's the question you would ask you?"

Bruce replied, "If I were you, what question would you ask me? ‘Are you going to be okay?’"

Sawyer then asked, "Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah. I hope I’m going to be okay. I feel like I’m going to be okay. 2015 is going to be quite a ride,” Bruce declared.

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Sawyer appeared on The View and politely dodged a question about Bruce Jenner’s transgender status.

Whoopi Goldberg said, "There's been a lot of speculation surrounding Bruce about he seems to be going through and what people assume he's going through. What can you tell us?"

Sawyer replied, "I'm not going to summarize what he's going to say!"

Not everybody is happy about the Bruce Jenner interview.

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INSIDE EDITION correspondent Zoey Tur said, "Everything Jenner has done has been done to get ratings."

Tur, America’s first transgender TV reporter, has known Jenner for more than 30 years. She says Bruce Jenner signs onto her Facebook page under a pseudonym.

She said, "Even back in the 80's and 90's it was an open secret that Bruce Jenner was transexual. That he had hopes of being a she one day."

Tur wrote an op-ed story for The Washington Post headlined: "Trans People Need An Icon. But Bruce Jenner Is The Worst Possible Choice."

She said, "The transgender community is a very tough community. They can't forgive the connections to the Kardashians. Jenner is nothing more than a product as long as he associates with the Kardashians."

Jenner fever is sweeping the nation with viewing parties planned from coast-to-coast!

"Partying With Bruce - Watching Jenner And Sawyer Is Social Event Of The Season," said Daily News headline.

Insiders are saying Bruce will watch the interview with his sons, Brody and Brandon, at his Beverly Hills mansion.

There was a chaotic scene at a Los Angeles bakery, where a flustered Justin Bieber tried to keep the paparazzi away from Bruce’s daughter, Kendall.

Bieber yelled, "It's not fair to her!"

Kendall then fled from the bakery, ignoring paparazzi questions like “Kendall, are you gonna watch your dad on TV?"

Meanwhile, a smiling Kris Jenner was seen in sexy thigh-high boots on a night out in West Hollywood the night before the big broadcast.

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