Exclusive: Costco Clerk Gets DNA Results in Sammy Davis Jr. Paternity Test

Ever since Sammy Davis Jr.'s apparent deathbed confession, Mark Davis has believed he was Sammy Davis Jr.'s lovechild. Now he has the DNA results.

An envelope contains the DNA test results that will forever change the life of a photo clerk from Costco.

Only INSIDE EDITION can reveal whether Mark Davis is the love child of legendary entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr.

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Mark says he has always believed he is Sammy’s love child with another woman while he was married to the actress May Britt, a big star of the fifties and sixties for such movies as The Young Lions.

Mark and Sammy’s bone structure is very similar but will there be a DNA match?

Mark was adopted by Sammy and May when he was just two years old.

Mark says he always wondered whether he was the biological son of The Rat Pack legend. It is a belief that was reinforced in 1990 when Sammy was dying from cancer and he called Mark to his deathbed.

Mark said, “When I walked to the bedside I bent over and gave him a kiss and he grabbed me and he said to me, 'You are my son.'”

A shocked Moret repeated and asked, “You are my son?”

“You are my son,” replied Mark.

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Three months ago, Mark went public in a story first exposed in The Daily Mail that made international headlines.

It really upset his sister, Tracey, who is Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt's biological child, born in 1960.

Tracey told INSIDE EDITION, “I do not believe for one minute that my father is Mark's biological father.”

Moret asked, “You don't believe it?”

Tracey replied, “No, I do not.”

To settle it once and for all, Mark and Tracey agreed to take a DNA test to see if her father is also his father.

A nurse from the testing company Identity Match swabbed Mark's mouth and then she swabbed Tracey’s.

If they are related as brother and sister the DNA contained in their saliva will show it.

When the results came in, an anxious Tracey linked via FaceTime in Nashville while Mark was with Moret.

We reveal to them, and to the world, if Sammy Davis Jr. had a secret son.

Moret said, “We took a DNA sample from each of you and if Sammy Davis Jr. is Mark's biological father there will be a match between the two of you.”

Mark was nervous as Moret handed him the envelope. Tracy in Nashville has a copy as well.

They open the envelopes simultaneously and there was stunned silence.

Mark said, “It's not a match.”

The DNA test results in this case show that the alleged siblings do not share a common biological parent.

Moret then asked Tracey, “Tracey, why are you upset?”

“I think it's just all the nerves being released,” she replied.

Mark and Tracey say that even though they are not biological siblings, the DNA results will not break their bond as brother and sister. 

Moret asked Tracey, “Tracey, how are you?”

She replied, “I'm okay. Are you ok, Mark?”

“Yeah, I’m ok,” he said.

She said, “I love you.”

He echoed the sentiment, “I love you, too.”

Now, Mark has new questions like who are his real parents?

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