Partridge Family Daughter Suzanne Crough Dead at 52

Suzanne Crough, best known as 'Tracy Partridge' on 'The Partridge Family,' died suddenly in her home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She played the littlest Partridge on The Partridge Family.

Now, comes the shocking news: cutie-pie Suzanne Crough is dead.

Her family says she passed away without warning at her hoime outside Las Vegas. The cause of death is not known. She was married, had two children, and had left show business. She was working at an Office Max selling office supplies.

Suzanne played Tracy Partridge on the hit show from 1970 to 1974. The show featured a single mother plyaed by Shirley Jones and her brood who form a musical group and travel in a groovy muti-colored  bus. Suzanne played the tambourine in the band.

The last time Suzanne Crough was seen on TV was in 2010 for a TV reunion on the Today show.

The show made superstars out of David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce. 

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Bonaduce today and he has only fond memories of his TV sister.

"Suzanne Crough was a child star done right. She was a great woman. She was a great mom. I believe one of her daughters is getting married next month. What a shame that she won't be there," said Bonaduce.

Suzanne Crough was just 52 years old, and she will be remembered forever as the littlest Partridge on The Partdige Family.