Watch These Daredevils Jump Off One of the World's Tallest Buildings

For over two weeks, the world's best BASE jumpers leaped off Dubai's Princess Tower.

A team of some of the most qualified BASE jumpers in the world did the unthinkable when they jumped off the world's second tallest residential structure – The Princess Tower in Dubai.

For over two weeks, Dubai Film captured the breathtaking stunts when Sky Dive Dubai and XDubai partnered with Dream Jump to give 558 base jumpers a chance to take this thrill seeking plunge and push all boundaries.

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Some of the daredevils used the world's largest urban zip line, while others just jumped off the 99th floor!

None of the athletes were hurt and all safely parachuted to the ground.

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These adrenaline junkies certainly make this look fun, but we think we will stick to the elevator.

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