MLB Pitcher Archie Bradley Takes Hard Hit in the Face From Carlos Gonzalez's Line Drive

The only word is...ouch!

It was a frightening moment when Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley was hit in the face by a line drive from Carlos Gonzalez.

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Bradley went down and stayed down for several minutes while trainers checked him out. As teammates gathered around and fans held their breath, Bradley was eventually able to get up and walk off the field, giving the crowd a thumbs up. He held a towel to his nose and swollen face.

He was taken to the hospital and examined. Amazingly, he suffered some damage to a sinus cavity, but nothing more serious –no concussion and no broken bones.

Pretty ugly huh? In all Seriousness tho thanks for the text, tweets and prayers! Could have been a lot worse! #lucky

April 29, 2015

Bradley tweeted a picture of his incredibly swollen face, saying: “Pretty ugly, huh?”

It may not be pretty, but it could have been a lot worse!

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Baseball season sure is kicking off with a bang.

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