Watch Nik Wallenda Walk Across Spinning 400-Foot Wheel in the Rain

Nik Wallenda broadcast live video of his death-defying walk across the Orlando Eye as it spun in the rain.

Nik Wallenda makes history...again!

The high wire daredevil walked across the Orlando eye, the tallest observation wheel on the east coast; and get this, it was moving!

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"It's a little windy up here Matt and Savannah!" he told the Today show.

The stunt was broadcast live on the Today show. He had a GoPro camera strapped to his chest to shoot amazing images. Rain was falling, making things a little slippery.

"This is where it's a little creepy because I have to lean out over here and it's really wet,"  Wallenda explained. 

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In the past, Nik has crossed the Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, and most recently, between skyscrapers in Chicago.

Now add this latest triumph!

When he made it to the top, he took, what else, a selfie.

Wallenda said, "It all worked out in the end. There was a lot of obstacles and I knew it was a huge challenge and I was willing to face that challenge!"

Watch the incredible video below of daredevils jumping off of one of the world's tallest buildings.