Kids Recount Nearly Being Run Over by SUV: 'I was very terrified'

Three kids were nearly hit by an SUV as it drove on the shoulder past a school bus, narrowly missing them, and kept on going.

It's the heart-stopping video shocking people everywhere. Three little kids a split second from being mowed down by an SUV as they board the school bus.

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In this INSIDE EDITION exclusive, they went to the very bus stop outside Tacoma in Washington state where they oh-so-narrowly escaped disaster.

Charity is five, Jerry is ten, and Nadia is nine.

"I was very terrified, very, very terrified," Nadia told INSIDE EDITION.

Moms' Brandy Wheeler and Lisa Razo are still reeling from watching the video.

"The person popped over the bump here in this little ditch, came in between them where there is no other lane, it's just a driveway, popped over the other side, and took off," explained Wheeler. "That was just inches, inches!"

The close call was captured on three surveillance cameras from inside the bus. You can see the SUV drive onto the shoulder and then barrel past the bus. The motorist didn't even pull over to make sure the kids were okay.

"They didn't stop. They did not make sure the kids were okay. They kept going," Wheeler told INSIDE EDITION.

When a school bus comes to a full stop, all traffic in both directions must stop too, but it's a sad fact that too many motorists ignore the flashing lights.

A woman was caught on cell phone video, driving on the sidewalk to get around a school bus in 2012!

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In another incident, a boy was almost run over as he got off the school bus.

Police in Washington state are now studying the surveillance tapes to track down this knucklehead who almost cost three kids their lives.

"Two more steps and they would not be here!" said Wheeler.

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