Watch This Grandma Get Arrested In Birthday Prank

Grandma's birthday gift was...a prank.

Notorious YouTube prankster Roman Atwood wanted to do something special for his grandma's 78th birthday.

She's always wanted to ride in his car so he took her for a spin.

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Not only did he keep her on edge with his driving, but he got her into the driver's seat for what he claimed was just for some photos until something shocking happened. She was pulled over by cops and arrested for 'stealing' his car.

Atwood planned the entire thing, hired actors to play police officers, got the car and even enlisted the help of Howie Mandel's son, Alex who helped toilet paper his dad's house last month.

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In the end, his grandma had a good sense of humor

That's a birthday we're sure Atwood's grandma will never forget.