See These Tigers Rescued from Filth Swim for the First Time

The tigers were given a new lease on life that includes a swimming pool.

Two tigers went swimming for the first time after being rescued from a life of filth and neglect.

The tiger sisters, Carli and Lily were living in a former exotic animal enclosure in upstate New York, that had become rundown and neglected.

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare rescued the tigers and took them to Safe Haven, a secluded wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation facility in a remote part of Nevada. Wildlife rescue operator Kelli Donithan was part of the team rescuing the tigers and made a trip to Nevada to see them for the first time in nearly a year as they were introduced to their new pools.

Donithan said, “Most people think that cats don't like water, which is mostly true. Except that tigers really love to play and sing and bathe in the water.”

The metal pools used by most animal sanctuaries weren’t an option for Safe Haven, where the scorching Nevada sun would heat up the metal edges and potentially hurt the animals. So, they built special pools out of cement for the tigers.

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Lily took the water immediately, and had a great time playing and splashing around. Carli took her time getting used to the idea.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has been saving animals all over the world since 1969 and relies on the help of donations to keep the non-profit going. If you would like to help visit

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