Baltimore Resident Captures Riots Through Her Window

Katrice Gardner was so close to the Baltimore riots, she was able to film the chaos right out her window.

Hundreds of cops that were preparing for the worst in Baltimore were caught on video by a woman filming from her bedroom window.

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In the video, there was dramatic narration from the woman behind the camera, Katrice Gardner. She said, "I am recording this from my bedroom window. They are in full riot gear! Do you understand, Baltimore? They are not playing with us!"

Gardner feels lucky to be alive as she shares her story and her home videos with INSIDE EDITION.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "This was pure pandemonium we dealt with."

From her window perch, she captured the total madness on the streets during the height of the riots on Monday as the honking of countless cars filled the night. One guy actually hopped up on top of a car!

Then, two cars were aflame in the middle of the street, and there was a blazing trash fire. Katrice spoke as if she's broadcasting to the world.

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In the video, Gardner said, "I don't know what time it is, but this is live!"

She told INSIDE EDITION, "We had to come out and pray and pray that they wouldn't attack the building and burn it up while we were sleeping."

Imagine her terror as rioters broke into the little convenience store on the ground floor and started looting.

When daylight broke, she continued recording the devastation on the street. What she found was beyond belief.

She said in the video, "A whole ATM, they just took it!"

Gardner told us, "I wouldn't wish what I saw last night on my worst enemy."

Gardner used to work at the CVS that was pillaged by looters. 

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