Oprah Tells 'Mom of the Year' She May Visit Baltimore Amid Unrest

'Mom of the Year,' Toya Graham, says Oprah told her she may visit Baltimore during a phone conversation.

Guess who called the Mom of the Year to express her admiration like the rest of America?

None other than Oprah!

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney sat down with Toya Graham and her son, Michael and asked, "You heard from Oprah?

"Oh my God, yes!" exclaimed Toya. "She called me and my oldest daughter was actually on the phone. She was like, ‘Ma, Oprah wants to talk to you,’ and I couldn’t hear exactly everything she was saying because I was like, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God.’”

Toya said, "She actually took the time out to give me a call, just to say, ‘I understand why you did what you did. She talked about how she understands as a parent, as a single mom, what I was faced up against. She also understood the things that are going on in Baltimore City because she also lived there."

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While Oprah is apparently not sure if she's going to visit Baltimore, Toya did tell us, "She talked about how it had been suggested for her to come back to Baltimore City and she hadn’t made a decision if she was coming or not, but she will be watching Baltimore and the tragic Freddie Gray’s death until the end. And she wanted me to know she was watching.”

"I just wanted to thank her for taking the opportunity to call me because I don’t feel like a hero or anything like that. I just love my son," she concluded.

There was an early Mother's Day gift for the Mom of the Year who gave her 16-year-old son that licking that has the whole nation cheering.

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The 42-year-old Toya Graham received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her 16-year-old son, Michael.

Michael said, "I love you, mom."

But Toya has no intention of taking it easy on him.

"Is he grounded? Are you grounded right now, Michael?" asked McInerney.

Michael said, "Yes."

"How long is Michael grounded for?"

"I say eternity," said Toya.

Toya is a single mom with six kids. Michael is her only son. He told McInerney he's grateful to his mom for pulling him out of that confrontation with cops.

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McInerney asked, "What do you want to tell your mom right now?"

"That I love her," said Michael.

Michael said, "I could have been hurt, arrested."

But Toya says she was just doing what any mom should do.

"I don't feel like a hero. I just love my son," she said.

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