Watch These Cops Help A Man Propose to His Girlfriend

Two years after police pulled over a young man on a date with his girlfriend, they helped him propose to her.

In 2013, a young man was on his first date with a young woman and while on the date they were pulled over by the Royal Oak Police in Michigan for mistakenly making an illegal turn. 

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Two years later that man, Trevor Ross, had asked the police department to help him propose to his girlfriend Ashley in a very unique way.

Since they shared that awkward moment in 2013 when they were pulled over by police on their first date, Ross asked the police if they could pull him over in the exact same spot they did two years prior so that he could propose to Ashley.

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In dash cam video of the incident, police had asked Trevor and Ashley to get out of the car. They gave him a pat-down and a nervous Ashley was inquiring what was wrong.

An officer pulled out a little red box that contained the engagement ring and said to Ashley, “Can you explain to me what this is?”

She looked at Trevor and said, “You are such a [expletive],” and covered her mouth with her hand.

The officer handed Trevor the ring and he said, “Ashley, you know that I love you. I love you.” He then got down on one knee and proposed.

In case you were wondering, she said “Yes.”

Trevor sent INSIDE EDITION a photo after the proposal, we wish them the best of luck! 

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