Raymond Cruz Sees a Coward In His New Role as Ariel Castro

Raymond Cruz takes on the role of real-life monster Ariel Castro in a new movie.

The Cleveland House of Horrors monster, Ariel Castro, lives again in a TV movie.

The movie depicts how Castro held three young women captive for more than a decade.

"I couldn't believe that someone would do that to another human being."

Actor Raymond Cruz plays Castro.

He's almost unrecognizable from his role as a drug-dealer in the series Breaking Bad.

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The new lifetime movie Cleveland Abduction is based on the book by victim Michelle Knight.

"You met Michelle Knight?"

"Yes, and Michelle Knight is my hero. You feel so protective of her. This woman survived 11 years of constantly being tortured and physically abused but never gave up hope."

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Cleveland Abduction airs on Lifetime Saturday at 8 pm eastern, 7 central.

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