Here's What Floyd Mayweather Eats To Prepare for 'Sportsmaggedon'

Chef Q is on call for Mayweather, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's being billed as the Fight of the Century.

But before Floyd Mayweather squares off with Manny Pacquiao, he will undboubtedly have a meal prepared by Quiana Jeffries, a-k-a Chef Q. And she's paid big bucks to keep the fighter full and fit. 

He sang her praises in this video posted on Instagram.


Mayweather said, "I wouldn't exchange my chef for no chef in the world. This chef will be with me till the day I die."

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Chef Q told INSIDE EDITION, "I am at his beck and call, 24 hours, seven days a week."

She first won Mayweather over by cooking a veggie omelette.

Mayweather's favorite indulgence: fried hot dogs! She showed us how she prepares them at Desert Kitchens in Las Vegas.  

She starts by cutting slits into turkey hot dogs. Then, throwing them in the frying pan with a little coconut oil.  

"He likes them well done, crispy and then I finish them off with a little barbecue sauce," she revealed.

You will never believe how much she is paid to cook up these delicious dishes.

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"You want her to cook for you, it's $1,000 a plate," said Mayweather.

That's right--she's getting one grand per plate to cook for the boxer.  

"It doesn't matter what I'm making. It could be Top Ramen and bbq hot dogs...$1,000 a plate," she said.

With an estimated payday of $200 million for Mayweather, she's sure to stay employed for the rest of her life.

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