Watch A 5-Year-Old Recreate Bruce Lee's Moves

A Japanese five-year-old can recreate Bruce Lee's moves from the martial artist's final film.

Five-year-old Ryuji Imai from Japan is proving he can 'enter the dragon.'

The boy is a huge fan of Bruce Lee and can perfectly keep up with the kung fu master's flashy moves.

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Ryuji’s dad posted a video of him on YouTube recreating his favorite scene from Lee's last movie Game of Death which was released back in 1978. The video has already racked up over three million views since being posted on Friday.

In the video, Ryuji stood in front of the television as the film plays in the background.

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The adorable kid was dressed just like his on-screen hero with Lee’s iconic yellow jumpsuit with black pinstripes and mimicked his idol's nunchaku technique to perfection. Ryuji even has similar yellow nunchaku’s like Lee.

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