Chef Sandra Lee Opens Up About Rescuing A Baby Seal

Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee recently helped rescue a baby seal in Malibu and now she is talking about her experience.

Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee may be known for her prowess in the kitchen but it was her recent experience on the beach in Malibu that's getting a lot of attention.

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INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney asked her, “The other morning your stroll on the beach took an interesting turn. What did you come across?”

“I went for an early morning walk, something started running, I grabbed my phone hit video, he put his head down like this,” Lee replied.

Her voice shook with emotion as she spoke about trying to feed the baby seal.

She said, “I was heartbroken, I went back up got the fish brought it back out went to hand it to the baby and the baby just looked at it and I was like this is like handing a six month old a sandwich.”

After numerous calls, help finally arrived to rescue the baby seal.

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Finally the pup was safely transported to a vehicle that will take it to rehabilitation.

Lee said, “We just have to be really thoughtful about what's going on out there in our world and our environment and if you see something that's suffering take care of it.”

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