Is This a Picture of Jesus as a Child?

This picture may show the face of Jesus as a young boy. Italian police used forensics and The Shroud of Turin to produce an image of Jesus as a child.

Authorities in Italy say they discovered the face of Jesus Christ as a boy. Wait until you hear how they came to the conclusion.

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It begins with the legendary Shroud of Turin, widely believed to be the cloth Jesus was wrapped in after he was crucified.

Police in Rome captured the image of Christ’s face from the Shroud and working with computer forensic techniques, they reversed the aging process, one step at a time.

They reduced the jaw size, slimmed the face, and softened the eyes until they were left with the image of Jesus as a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy.

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The image is generating controversy. 

Mark Goodacre, a professor at Duke University told INSIDE EDITION, "Jesus didn't look like that. Jesus was dark skinned. He was not someone from some kind of Renaissance painting."   

Ironically, the process that brought us from the shroud image to the boy Jesus image is used to catch criminals. When a suspect has been on the lam for a long time, Italian cops use computer techniques to make him look older. This time, they simply reversed the procedure.

Of course, some are skeptical about the shroud itself, claiming it’s a hoax, dating back 700 years.

And now, something else to ponder -- the face of Jesus as a boy.

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