Watch a Classroom of Students Help Two Teachers Get Engaged

When teacher Jonathan Holt wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he needed the help of her English class to do it.

Jonathan Holt and Iris Howorth are both teachers at Chalmette High School outside of New Orleans. Holt planned a special proposal but enlisted the help of her English class.

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Holt explained how they met to INSIDE EDITION, "Iris and I met through Teach For America three years ago, when we both moved to New Orleans to join the program. For the past year and a half, we have been working at the same high school - Chalmette High School, where Iris teaches English and I teach chemistry and physics." 

Holt gave every student in her class Ring Pop candies and instructed them what to do when she arrived to class. He then left the classroom to make it look like a natural setting for her to walk in to.

He told us, "I wanted to make a big production out of it, and I wanted to involve the Chalmette High School community as a sort of tribute to all that they have given us over the years. The school administration is phenomenal, and the students are so special."

Howorth told INSIDE EDITION, "Jon and I had talked about getting engaged before, but I never would have expected him to propose at school."

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When she entered the classroom each student got down on one knee with a Ring Pop and proposed.

She visibly seems confused by what's going on until Holt walked through the door and proposed for real.

Howorth told INSIDE EDITION, "I started out thinking it was a coincidental senior prank, but by the time they had me at the front of the classroom, I was expecting (or maybe just hoping) that Jon would walk in. I had no idea that the band was outside though!"

An emotional Howorth was so overcome with joy, Holt had to comfort her. He walked her out of the classroom and into the hallway where the school marching band was performing to help celebrate these two teachers new future together.

She also told INSIDE EDITION, "When Jon proposed, I thought that was going to be the end, so I was totally shocked by the second line and by the fact that Jose had come to school to film."

He said to us, "Including the students in the proposal was a perfect opportunity to express our gratitude for all the love they have shared with us. The proposal is also a way for us to leave our legacy; the students will remember that day for the rest of their lives." 

Everyone came out to congratulate the newly engaged couple and that English class learned a heartwarming lesson about love that day.

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