State Trooper Performs Life-Saving CPR on Father in Middle of Interstate while Horrified Son Watches

An Iowa State Trooper pulled the incapacitated dad out of his car to perform CPR in the middle of a busy interstate while his son anxiously watched.

It was a life or death drama on a busy highway as a dad behind the wheel of a pick-up truck suffered a heart attack.

A State Trooper, not knowing what was going on, ran to the vehicle and found a distraught teenager desperately trying to keep his stricken dad alive.

Iowa State Trooper Tracy Bohlen told INSIDE EDITION, "He yelled at me. He said his dad is having a heart attack. I could see the driver was desperately in need of medical attention. And then he just went limp."

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"Someone had a heart attack in the middle of the road!" Bohlen exclaimed on the radio.

Bohlen dragged the stricken dad out of the front seat and performed CPR in the middle of Interstate 35 near Des Moines.

In video of the incident, he can be seen doing chest compressions as he shouted the man's name.

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"I got CPR in progress! Patrick! Patrick! Stay with me!" Bohlen yelled on the radio.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "It seemed like forever. I'm worried about getting run over. I'm worried about other people getting run over. I'm worried about traffic behind us getting hit."

After nearly a minute of CPR,  a flicker of life.

"I got a pulse!" he is seen yelling in video.

A nurse also stopped to help. She can be seen leading the distraught 15-year-old, Eli Roark,  to her car.

His dad, 57-year-old Patrick Roark, survived and is recovering back home in Oklahoma, all thanks to a quick thinking cop.

"We need to slow down and just realize that life is very, very short," Bohlen said.

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