Watch This Father Experience Labor Pains

Just in time for Mother's Day, one father wanted to know what it was like when his wife gave birth to their children.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, viral video family The Holderness’ crafted a clever clip on the patriarch of the family, Penn, wanting to experience what it was like going into labor.

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Penn and his wife, Kim, went to Dr. Sameh Toma who placed a device on his stomach that simulated contractions and all the pains that a woman experiences when giving birth.

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The couple posted a clip of Penn’s experience, which of course had Kim smiling the entire time as he got to know what it was like for her when she was having their children.

In typical Holderness fashion, the family created a music video based on Penn’s painful scenario. Using the One Direction song “One Thing,” they altered the lyrics and called it “Mom Thing.”

While Penn may never be able to fully understand the real thing, he did get a first-hand account of what makes all of the mothers in the world extra special.

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