How to Test if Your Dog Will Wimp Out During a Burglary

INSIDE EDITION went to find out if some tough dogs are really mushes at heart.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are huge.

Two that INSIDE EDITION found, Sam and Mojo, sure do look intimidating, maybe even ferocious, but what will they do if a burglar broke in?

Will they go on the attack or wimp out?

Dog trainer Mike D'Abruzzo specializes in training guard dogs. He told INSIDE EDITION, “Most people really do not know what their dog would do.”

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So, we asked him to pose as a burglar and put family pets to the test.

The dog’s owner is Betsy Rich, a former TV producer.

“It's going to be really interesting to see what happens,” she said.

When she went shopping, our phony burglar, with her permission of course, made his way to the backyard. He's dressed in a bite suit for his own protection in case Sam and Mojo attack.

As he rattles the door, the dogs come running and barked very loud.

The "burglar" opened the door and what do you know? The dogs don't attack him! Quite the opposite, they couldn't be friendlier!

Betsy said, “I was kind of hoping they'd be more protective.”

Sorry Betsy, both your dogs are wimps!

According to the Lowenthal family, Sabi and Chilli are first-class guard dogs.

One of the family members told us, “They are the sweetest dogs in the world to us but when anyone approaches the house they go crazy like they want to rip their hearts out.”

It sounded like our intruder had better be careful.

As he “broke” in, there was no sign of the dogs. Then they appeared.

Sabi was barking meekly. Then both dogs circle and sniff the stranger, but they don't attack.

And as our burglar made his way into the house, they back away; the dogs were scaredy-cats. The “bad guy” grabbed a laptop and made a clean get away.

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Mike, the phony burglar, said, “There was a mixture of fear and trying to make friends with me.”

The family was stunned as the patriarch of the family said, “These dogs are wimps!”

A playful pooch named Edgar is beloved by the Bradbury family. According to the kids, their yellow lab isn't yella at all and he has the heart of a lion. We'll see about that.

Shortly after the family left, our burglar made his move and skulked around the house.

He let himself in. No sign of Edgar. Why? Because he was taking a nap. Finally, the lab woke up and saw the intruder and wandered over to say hello. No snarling, no biting, not even a bark.

He wanted to be petted as Mike the burglar went through the draws and pulled out a Buddha statue.

The family was disappointed when we show them the hidden camera footage. But Mrs. Bradbury summed it up, “My dog is a wimp but we love him!”

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