Pam Geller Says ISIS is Targeting Her for an Assassination

The woman who put on that cartoon contest featuring the Prophet Muhammad now says she is being targeted by ISIS.

Pam Geller has a big target on her head by the terror group ISIS.

In an extraordinary confrontation on national TV, a radical Muslim leader told Pam Geller that he agrees with the ISIS plot to kill her because she organized that controversial cartoon contest that triggered the terrorist attack in Texas.

Geller said, "I have a team now of private security. And NYPD counter-terror has been in touch with me."

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Geller and the radical Muslim leader from London appeared on Hannity last night on the Fox News Channel. He said he agreed with a statement from ISIS, which referred to her as a pig.

The radical also said, "We're not talking about Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck!"

Sean Hannity asked, "You want her to die?"

He responded, "You know what? She should be put before a Sharia court and tried and if found guilty of course she would face capital punishment!"

Hannity added, "But she's not a Muslim!"

A group claiming to be ISIS said in a statement posted online: "We will send all our lions to achieve her slaughter. We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready to attack."

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The radical leader added, "Obviously you knew the consequences! Otherwise you would have-."

Geller responded, "What do you mean 'knew the consequences?' I live in America. There are no consequences."

He replied, "The United States of America are the champions of murdering innocent people."

She exclaimed, "The champions of freedom, sir!"

Geller is a 56-year-old mom of four from New York City who some see as a champion of free speech. Others say she incites anti-Muslim hatred.

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She says she has hired personal bodyguards, but says she has not been contacted by the FBI since the ISIS threat was issued.

She added, "This is a terrorist threat and the FBI, and President Obama, should provide security."

Sean Hannity had the last word in that heated confrontation, saying to the radical leader, "You're evil and pathetic!

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