Tom Brady Breaks His Silence on NFL Deflategate Report

Tom Brady played the Deflategate scandal surrounding him for laughs in a recent interview.

Superstar quarterback Tom Brady breaks his silence about Deflategate!

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Smiling from ear to ear before a loving crowd at Salem State University in Massachusetts, the disgraced Brady sat for a Q&A with sportscaster Jim Gray and played the crisis for laughs.

Brady said, "This is like a Patriots pep rally!"

Gray then mentioned, "There is an elephant in the room."

Brady joked and said, "Where?"

Then Gray asked for Brady’s reaction to the bombshell NFL report claiming Brady probably knew about the deflated footballs used in the AFC Championship game.

"I don't really have any reaction. It's only been thirty hours, so I haven't had much time to digest it fully, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know how I feel about it," the Super Bowl winning quarterback said.

Gray didn't let him off the hook asking, "Are you that slow a reader?"

Brady laughed and said, “Well, my athletic career has been better than my academic career. I'm used to reading X's and O's. This was a little longer."

Gray then asked, "Has this detracted from the joy of winning the Super Bowl?"

Brady declared, "Absolutely not!"

Gray then asked, "Is the Super Bowl tainted?

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A roar of boo’s rained down from the crowd and then Brady silenced everyone saying, “Absolutely not!"

The front page of the New York Post said, “Meet The Deflator - This Is The Guy Who Handled Tom's Balls!”

It's Jim McNally, the locker room attendant named in that NFL report as the man who deflated the footballs...he refused to comment on the matter.

But the late night comics are feasting on Deflategate.

Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show, "Tommy, you cheating (expletive)!”

Jimmy Kimmel joked, "Some think the Patriots are cheaters and should be penalized. And others are from Boston.”

David Letterman said, "The NFL says the patriots more probably than not deflated footballs. I'm sorry, that's just not vague enough for me!"

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