Dad on Trial for Third Time for Murder After Allegedly Throwing Toddler Off a Cliff

A father is accused of throwing his 4-year-old daughter off a cliff and killing her. Now, 15 years later he is on trial for the 3rd time.

Is Cameron Brown a killer dad at the scene of an unspeakable crime or is it a heartbreaking return to the site of a terrible accident?

Cameron Brown stands accused of a deed that's almost impossible to conceive: throwing his four-year-old daughter off a cliff.

"If he did what the district attorneys claim he did, this man is a monster," attorney Tom Mesereau told INSIDE EDITION.

As part of his murder trial, a convoy of official vehicles drove to the spot where the little girl died.

Inside the vans, the jurors, who we were not allowed to film.

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Cameron Brown arrived separately in an unmarked grey police car. The judge was also there, dressed casually. The lawyers and police officers were there too.

Prosecutors say he was in a bitter custody battle with his ex over their daughter Lauren and was desperate to get out of paying $1,000 a month in child-support.

Cameron told his daughter he was taking her on a hike and he brought her to a remote area south of Los Angeles. It was then, prosecutors say, that he threw the little girl over the cliff. She plunged 130 feet to her death, onto the rocks below.

He said he's innocent and that he loved his daughter. He claims the little girl fell accidentally as she was tossing rocks over the cliff, known as Inspiration Point.

This is the third time he has stood trial for little Lauren's murder.

At his first trial in 2006, the jury was deadlocked. At his second trial in 2009 the jury deadlocked again.

Today, a memorial for little Lauren stands at the site.

Cameron Brown stood guarded by sheriff's deputies as jurors inspected the site Thursday.

A reporter from the L.A. Times told INSIDE EDITION, "The defendant stood silently, looked straight ahead and didn't really look at the jury much. Just stared out to the ocean."

Then jurors walked the same trail Cameron and his daughter hiked up that fateful day more than 14 years ago.

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While there was no testimony here, prosecutors say it was valuable for the jury because they got to see first hand just how treacherous this area is.

Cameron has been in jail for nearly 12 years, even though he has not been convicted.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to defense attorney Tom Mesereau, who is not connected to the Brown case. He said, "If the defendant did in fact kill his daughter in this fashion, it's a very horrific crime, and if the district attorney's office believes this crime actually occurred, I can understand why they would want to persist."

Now both sides are hoping this extraordinary court proceeding will help to finally bring a resolution.

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