Oklahoma Man Films Tornado as it Rips Over His Head and Through His Yard

Chris Mance captured breath-taking video of this tornado tearing through his yard as it passed right over him in Oklahoma.

You can't get much closer to a tornado than what Chris Mance did and live to tell about it.

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Mance shot extraordinary video with his cell phone, as he peeked out from a tornado shelter that he had dug inside his garage.

It looked like his neighbor's house was about to blow away! Trees were down and it looked like a giant wagon nearly came right at him.

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After the storm, Mance emerged from the shelter he was hiding in. With the lid closed, it was the safest place he and his family could be.

Mance's video was posted on Twitter: 

Insane video from inside a tornado shelter near @TVNweather Headquarters. Credit Chris Mance. @spann @JimCantore pic.twitter.com/RgBRnCW5Rj

— Sean Schofer (@SeanSchoferTVN) May 7, 2015

Luckily, no one was hurt and believe it or not even the damage to that house in Norman, Oklahoma, was minor. Some lost shingles and a few down trees that fortunately landed in the yard.

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