Son Surprises Parents with a Trip to Hawaii

For his parents 50th wedding anniversary, Nick Raymond wanted to do something special and booked them a trip to Hawaii.

Nick Raymond had something special planned for his parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

When he presented them with a gift box, his mother said, “But our anniversary isn’t for another three weeks!”

He replied, “I know but you kept talking about it. So I figured I’d get you something stupid.”

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They think it's a silly gift until they open the rest of the present and see what's inside.

When his parents opened the box, there were two Hawaiian leis inside along with an itinerary for a trip to Hawaii.

In the video description on YouTube, Nick wrote that his mom said that going to Hawaii would not happen in her lifetime because it was too expensive but he wanted to give back after everything they did to provide for him and his sister. So now he's providing an entire trip for them.

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Nick planned everything so his parents wouldn't have to spend a penny from meals, activities and even gratuity.

We love seeing how Nick's parents reacted to their present and we're sure they are going to have a great time in Hawaii!

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