'Paralyzed Bride' Celebrates Mother's Day with New Baby

Rachelle Friedman Chapman was paralyzed following an accident at her bachelorette party. This weekend she celebrated her first Mother's Day.

This adorable baby girl is truly a miracle for a woman who feared she might never become a mom.

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Rachelle Chapman became paralyzed from the chest down five years ago at her bachelorette party when a friend playfully pushed her into a swimming pool and her head struck the bottom.

Rachelle told INSIDE EDITION, "I was really nervous that when the accident happened I wouldn't be able to have children."

The wedding went on as planned, with Rachelle in a wheelchair and her groom, Chris Chapman, sitting in a chair so they could exchange vows eye-to-eye.

Rachelle couldn't safely carry a child herself due to high doses of blood pressure medication she must take, so a friend agreed to be her surrogate.

Two weeks ago little Kaylee was born!

Rachelle's mothering tasks are made easier with a specially-equipped crib and a changing table that is also tailored to the mom's needs. 

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And she can rock the baby the easy way! Rachelle told INSIDE EDITION, "You can actually do it through your cell phone! I can turn it on and there are all these different rocking settings."

So, Rachelle remains paralyzed, but in her heart she's walking on air.

She added, "It's finally a dream come true!"

Rachelle has written a book on her story called The Promise. Click here if you'd like to read an excerpt.

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