New Witness Claims He Knows Where Natalee Holloway's Body Is

Jurrien de Jong claims he saw Natalee Holloway on the night she died and where her body was hidden in Aruba.

Ten years have passed but Dave Holloway has not given up searching for answers. He is making one last, desperate trip to the island of Aruba to find out what happened to his beautiful teenage daughter, Natalee.

INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero asked Dave, “So this is your final trip to Aruba and you want some final answers this weekend?”

“Yes,” he replied.

This time he's checking out potentially significant new information and bringing along private investigator, TJ Ward and “Chance” the cadaver dog.

Dave and Guerrero rented a car to begin the investigation.

“Natalee wanted to go to Aruba,” he said. “It was her high school class trip and my immediate answer was, ‘No you're not.”

She asked, “You didn't want her to go. Why?”

“Because, you know, staying out of the country, I just thought it was too extravagant and too risky,” he replied.

Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island with gorgeous sun-kissed beaches and luxury resorts, but the island has a party-hearty reputation, where the booze flows freely and the drinking age is just 18.

Then there are drug dealers who seek out tourists. A group of guys brazenly tried to sell cocaine to an INSIDE EDITION producer.

“$100 for two grams,” the dealer said to the producer.

The producer asked, “Two grams?”

“Yeah,” the dealer replied.

The producer asked, “Are you going to be here later?”

The dealer then replied, “No, no, no, no. Are you a cop?”

“No,” said the producer.

“Let's go over here to the corner, somewhere discreet so we can do this now. Now or never,” the dealer said.

Natalee stayed at the Holiday Inn Hotel And Casino - that's where she met Joran van der Sloot, a handsome local boy who was a regular at the hotel's blackjack tables.

On Natalee’s last night, van der Sloot made plans to see her at a downtown party bar called Carlos 'n Charlies. The bar is now closed and abandoned.

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“Down here at the end of the corner, Natalee got up into the sunroof and yelled ‘Aruba!’” explained Holloway. “And one of her classmates said, ‘Hey Natalee get out of the car,’ and she said ‘Oh, no, it's okay.’”

Guerrero said, “Don't you wish one of her girlfriends would have stopped her from getting in the car right here that night?”

“Yeah, I really wish they had the buddy system going,” he replied. “But apparently they didn’t.”

At closing time, van der Sloot says he offered Natalee a ride but instead of driving back to her hotel, he claims they stopped first at a lighthouse. Then at a beach near dilapidated fishing huts. She was never seen again.

Guerrero asked Dave, “You would think somebody could have seen something or there might have been some videotape somewhere?”

“You would think, but no one came forward with any,” he replied.

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But somebody is coming forward now.

A witness named Jurrien de Jong told INSIDE EDITION, “I saw Natalie Holloway on the last night that she was alive. I was the eyewitness.”

Joran van der Sloot, who is currently serving a 28-year sentence in Peru for an unrelated murder, as always, maintained his innocence in the Holloway case.

Tomorrow, we'll take you inside Dave Holloway's investigation with information from a new witness as their search for Natalee continues.

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