A Colorblind Dad Sees His Children in Color for the First Time

Opie Hughes was overcome with emotion after he received a special pair of glasses that fixed his color blindness and allowed him to see correctly.

Opie Hughes has been colorblind all his life without the ability to see reds and greens.

For his birthday, the Pennsylvania dad got a life changing present -- special glasses that allow him to see color for the very first time and he was overcome by emotion.

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He was able to see his children's eye color for the first time and seeing the colors of the flowers were a lot to take in.

In a video his sister, Katherine, posted on YouTube, Opie was so emotional he had to sit down and reflect how this is going to change his life.

He was nearly speechless as he admired the vivid colors around him.

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Opie tells INSIDE EDITION that his girlfriend found the EnChroma glasses which enable colorblind people to see colors online and he was going to instantly buy them but they were too expensive.

He said, "My girlfriend actually stumbled across them online and tagged me in a link while I was at work, I was going to just instantly buy them but then realized they would cost too much money, my sister ended up setting up a GoFundMe which I knew about but didn't expect anything of." 

His sister started a GoFundMe page to purchase them and the last dollar came in on his birthday and she had them rush delivered.

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