Zsa Zsa Gabor Returns Home From the Hospital

A frail-looking Zsa Zsa Gabor returned home from the hospital in an ambulance, but her husband says she is actually in good shape. INSIDE EDITION has more.

An ambulance brought Zsa Zsa Gabor home after nearly four weeks in the hospital.  

The ambulance was swarmed by photographers as the driver waited for the gates leading up to Gabor's estate in Bel Air, California to open. A photographer snapped a haunting photograph of the 93-year-old screen legend in the ambulance.  

Her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt says despite her frail appearance she's in good spirits.

He said, "She's at home and now she's happy. She smiles, already she flirted already with the guys who took her home. When she starts flirting she's in good shape."

The actress underwent hip-replacement surgery after falling out of bed and breaking her hip.  

"She's a fighter. She's a fighter and she wants to go on. She can go on for many years and I'll make sure she will," said von Anhalt.