Search Continues For Missing Amtrak Passengers After Derailment

Following the devastating Amtrak derailment, the search is on for missing passengers and what may have caused the incident.

It is a terrifying scene inside the wreckage of the New York bound Amtrak train that derailed just outside Philadelphia last night.

Dramatic cell phone video showed injured passengers helping each other out of the wreck.

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One passenger said, “A lot of people were just in shock. They couldn't believe what was happening. They were just crying.”

One of the passengers was former Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy, who took photos as rescue workers helped free trapped passengers.

He said, “It was mayhem at first. A lot of blood a lot of folks got banged up, hurt bad. I checked my body parts, I was okay, the guy next to me was unconscious so I kind of slapped him a little bit and got him up and he was, believe it or not, okay."

At least six people are dead and 150 injured. The entire north east corridor of Amtrak, the busiest in the nation, has been shut down indefinitely.

Among those not accounted for is Rachel Jacobs, just named the CEO of an internet startup. Her friends are making frantic appeals on social media to find her.

Published reports say the train may have been going too fast for the curve.

In the moments after the crash hundreds of passengers found themselves in a desperate situation. Would you know how to get out alive if this happened to you?

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent said, "We are on a moving train right now, so, what do you do if there is an accident? With me is Scott Sour, he is train expert here on the system in the Philadelphia area. Walk me through some of the basics. What is right behind us right here?"

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Sour told Trent, "Inside this compartment is the door control. In an emergency situation and you want to get out in a hurry, follow the instructions [attached to the wall]. You want to open the compartment, press down the red handle, press that down and what that does is that it frees the door that they came in on. They can actually go out through that door, slide it open manually and get off the train."

Trent was then showed what to do if you have to go out through a window.

Sour said, "In the event that you have to go out through the window, you are going to pull on this red handle. When you pull on this red handle and all that rubber gasket is going to come with it. You are going to discard it. It frees up the window and you are able to grab the window by a handle, pull that window in, discard it, and then you will be able to get out through this window."

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