Son Creates Touching Video to Find His Mom a Good Man

One son is on a secret mission to help his mother find true love.

Alex Lyngaas is on a quest to find a good man for his mom, Eva, and has been working on a secret video for the last year to show her how truly amazing she is and to help Eva find her true love.

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He posted a video on YouTube titled “Looking for Adam” to detail a video pitch for his mother who is nearly 70 years old and lives in Norway.

In the video he said, “My mother is single and deserves a good man.”

The social experiment included all the fun things about her personality. She enjoys tennis, swimming, nature, skiing, yoga, art, beer and sort of riding a bike and the touching importance of family.

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Alex told INSIDE EDITION that he never thought the video would get so much exposure and reach and he's received dozens of emails for prospective suitors. He really wanted to give it his all to make this video for him mom. 

He said, "I’m super grateful to people who are embracing this story and helping people reach out to my mom to find Mr. Right." 

If you think you know someone who could be a perfect match for Eva, email

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