This Yelp Review Sparked an Insane War of Words

After a customer wrote a scathing restaurant review on Yelp, the restaurant owner went on a social media rant that's left the customer fuming.

Can you believe a restaurant owner actually sent this message to a customer? “You are an ignorant, disgusting, miserable, lying filthy [expletive] pig.”  

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Brooke Lewis says it all started when she, her boyfriend and her mother went to the Sunset Terrace Restaurant outside Los Angeles.

They were unhappy with the service and complained to the waitress.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “It got really heated and at that point me, and my boyfriend were like, let's just get out of here, let's go.”

Lewis, a former waitress herself, posted a lengthy negative review on the popular website Yelp.

She wrote, “If you want good service, stay away from this place.”

Much to her astonishment, the owner posted a really nasty response on the restaurant's Facebook page.

He wrote, “I feel so bad for your mother having to feel responsible for such a foul, repugnant waste of space.”

Lewis told INSIDE EDITION, “I was very, very angry, to say the least. I did respond and called him a ‘vile pig.’”

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The owner of Sunset Terrace refused to go on camera because he says he's already gotten threats. One person wanted to stab him and another threatened to shoot him in the face. He does regret posting those comments to Facebook but has no apology for the choice words he used to Brooke Lewis.

He said he wrote his response because Lewis was rude to the staff. 

Lewis wants an apology.

She said, “Who does that? Who does that? Who tells someone the world is a better place without you in it. Because I wrote a bad review? Really?”

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