Reporter Fed Up with Obscene Heckler Lets Him Have It

When a man yelled something completely offensive to a reporter outside a soccer game, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

A gutsy reporter is being called a hero for confronting the men who heckled her on live TV.

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Shauna Hunt was interviewing fans outside a soccer game in Toronto when the guys yelled a phrase that is so offensive, we can't repeat it. She spoke out against the men during the interview. "It is disrespectful," she told them.

In a followup interview on a Canadian morning show, she said of the incident, "I've never been so disrespected in my life. When these men are yelling this at us, you really put reporters in a very uncomfortable position. It just needs to stop."

The lewd phrase has become a worldwide phenomenon, with men everywhere uttering it for pure shock value during live TV broadcasts.

John Cain, an Ohio man, says he started the obscene trend two years ago when he posted a fake newscast online. "The video was actually made to be funny. You're not supposed to say those two words on live television," he told INSIDE EDITION'S Steven Fabian.

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After Hunt's putdown, one of the offenders was fired by his embarrassed bosses.

Take notice, guys -- it doesn't pay to be a jerk.

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