Jamie Oliver Cooks Up A Song with Ed Sheeran and Hugh Jackman

Jamie Oliver is marking his Food Revolution Day with a star-studded song featuring Ed Sheeran, Paul McCartney, and Hugh Jackman.

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver is encouraging food education all over the world.

With the help of Ed Sheeran, they created a rap anthem and music video for Food Revolution Day, May 15th. Their goal was to educate children about the importance of healthy eating.

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In a video posted on Facebook, Oliver raps “Half the world is starving with too little to eat. The other half die from being obese.”

The song features Paul McCartney, Alesha Dixon, Hugh Jackman and more stars who want to help Oliver with his cause.

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Over 42 million children worldwide are overweight and obese and Oliver is urging people to join his global campaign to prevent this staggering statistic from growing.

In the video, he said, “To force governments across the world to educate children about growing and eating their own food.”

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