Watch This Dog Throw a Tantrum About Going in the Shower

Monk the dog threw a tantrum when his owner told him to get in the shower.

Monk, an adorable three-year-old Siberian Husky, just doesn't want to get in the shower and he's making sure his owner, Suzanne, knows that, in a video from ViralHog.

When Suzanne tells him to get in the shower, he runs from one corner of the bathroom to another and walks to the closed door, signaling he wants out.

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We've never seen a pup be so stubborn!

He barks and rolls on the ground to do everything he can to not get clean.

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Suzanne told INSIDE EDITION that despite his best efforts, Monk finally got into the shower.

Monk has so much personality and it's so funny watching him throw his tantrums!

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