High School Quarterback Takes Friend with Down Syndrome to Prom After 4th Grade Promise

Ben Moser made a promise to his friend Mary, who has Down syndrome, in the fourth grade that he would take her to prom. Now, he has fulfilled that goal.

Seven years ago, Ben Moser promised his friend Mary Lapkowicz who has Down syndrome that he would take her to prom when they were only in fourth grade.

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Seven years later, even though they now went to different schools Ben asked her to prom with a balloon message.

When the big day came wearing matching lavender, Ben and Mary, went to prom together and even their fourth grade teacher came to see them off and told PennLive about their friendship, saying, “He watched over her constantly. If he was not looking like he was having fun, he always watched out for her.”

Ben's mom, Lisa, explained the moment that her son told her he wanted to take her to prom.

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“Ben had gone to his cousin's prom and on the way home he said, 'Do kids like Mary go to prom?' And I said, 'Sure, honey, if someone askes them. Why do you ask?'  ‘Well, you know I’m going to take Mary to prom,’ and it was at that time we all had the conversation,” she said.

The two posed for pictures and it's so heartwarming to see ben fulfill his fourth grade promise to Mary, we're sure that will be a night she'll never forget!

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