Are Terrorists Planning to Attack the Cannes Film Festival?

Security is on high alert to address concerns that the famed festival could be the next terrorist target.

Security is on high alert at the Cannes Film Festival with fears that terrorists could be planning an attack on the glamorous event.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney spoke to Hugh Whitfeld, correspondent for Australia’s Seven Network.

She asked, "Have you ever seen security this tight?"

"I don't think anyone has ever seen security this tight at Cannes before. It is by far the tightest security at this event has ever staged," he replied.  

France has been on edge ever since the Charlie Hebdo attack shocked the world in January.

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And just 11 days ago, the terror group ISIS claimed responsibility for that unsuccessful attack on a cartoonist convention in Garland, Texas.

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McInerney asked Whitfeld, "How beefed up is security this year?"

"The security presence is very noticeable, lots of eyes watching everything and then you add to that a huge amount of security cameras. Every square inch in Cannes is being watched all the time," he said. 

The streets of the French Riviera town are being watched by over 500 surveillance cameras. Everyone entering the festival is searched, including celebrities, and are scanned by metal detectors.

Hundreds of police and soldiers are patrolling all over Cannes.

Whitfeld said, "They have their bullet proof vests on, they are armed. They are traveling in packs of two or three or four, never alone." 

But tight security didn't put a damper on the opening night ceremonies.

Julianne Moore looked stunning in a black Armani gown on the red carpet.

Naomi Watts glided past paparazzi in a gorgeous feathered gown by Elie Saab.

Natalie Portman was picture perfect in a red strapless Dior gown.

And Lupita Nyong'o stopped the show in this green Gucci gown, accented with embroidered crystal flowers.

It was glamour as usual at the Cannes Film Festival but security like never before. 

While security is tight, officials say they have not received any specific threat against the festival.

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