Watch Two Clueless Robbers Break Into Home with People Inside

When San Jose thieves broke into a home, they thought no one was home – until the babysitter started screaming.

A frightening California home invasion by two robbers was caught on tape. The thieves thought there was nobody home, but they were wrong.

A woman and a baby were cowering in fear inside. Talk about creepy! 

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The surveillance video showed the invaders as they made their way in through an unlocked door. Inside the kitchen, they went through drawers and grabbed knives to arm themselves. 

Inside the house in San Jose, owned by Bikrim and Bani Singh, family friend Rosie was babysitting the Singhs' adorable little girl. 

The robbers ran upstairs and searched the rooms, and realized somebody was hiding in one of the rooms. Imagine the terror as the invaders attempted to break down the door.

Rosie showed us how she stopped them from busting in. The invaders kicked a hole in the door and thrust knives at them.

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She ran with the baby and locked herself in the bathroom, and screamed out that she called police. It worked! The suspects high-tailed it out of there.

"She is my angel. She came and protected my child," said homeowner Bikrim Singh. "I'm so thankful to her," she added.

The Singhs installed the security cameras after a previous break in. The latest incident has left them feeling uneasy.

"It's very upsettting and scary for the whole family," said Bikrim.

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