'Where Hope Grows' Makes History Featuring Actor with Down Syndrome

David DeSanctis is making Hollywood history as the first actor with Down syndrome to star in a feature film.

Where Hope Grows is a new film about a retired baseball player who is down on his luck and having trouble raising his teenage daughter until he meets a young man with Down syndrome who lifts his spirits.

David DeSanctis stars as 'Produce' in his first film and is making history as the first actor with Down syndrome to play a leading role in an American feature.

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He told INSIDE EDITION, “It was an incredible moment when it dawned on me that I’m going meet the actors and actresses that I’ve dreamt of meeting my whole life.”

David beat out other actors with Down syndrome vying for the role with his personality and charm. But he has other future plans, too.

“Since I was 11 years old I always dreamed of acting. Now, I have got other ambitions besides acting. I want to direct and I want to do my own networking company. I want to work with three dimensional printers in the building of the future,” he said.

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His co-stars in the film Kristoffer Polaha and McKaley Miller explained what it was like working with David.

Miller said, “It was amazing working with David. I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like and what the environment or set was going to be like. But, gosh, you meet David and he is just like the coolest person and comes to set so prepared.”

Polaha said, “It really shattered every type of stereotype I ever had. I never had any personal experience with anyone with Down syndrome. What I learned was is that you can’t judge a book by its cover. David is capable of doing everything you or I are able to do but with a lot more joy.”

Where Hope Grows opens in theaters on Friday.

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