Watch This Couple Transform Into What They Will Look Like Over the Next 50 Years

A couple went did a social experiment to see what they would look like over the next 50 years.

Before Kristie and Travis walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’ they had a unique opportunity to see what they could look like over the next 50 years using makeup and prosthetics.

The couple seemed pretty shocked about their appearance at each step.

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The video was created for Field Day, a new YouTube channel that just launched with 1stAveMachine and directed by two filmmakers, Mike and Blaine from Cut.

The social experiment made the couple reflect on their future together

Travis told Kristie, “I can’t help but think what the potential last 50 years would be.”

Kristie and Travis got a glimpse of what they could look like in their 90's and they were overcome with emotion.

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He told her, “You look fantastic!”

Seeing how they're future appearance truly made them re-affirm their decision to get married.

She said, “I couldn’t be more sure that this is what I want.”

It’s incredibly heartwarming to see this couple fall in love as they aged in this experiment.

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