Caught on Camera: Shocked Kids Watch Alligator Slither Through Yard

Two kids got the shock of their lives when they spotted an alligator crawling around their South Carolina lawn.

It's the eye-popping photo that has everyone talking - two little kids staring in wonder as a giant alligator ambled past the window!

He looks positively pre-historic!

The gator kids are two-year-old Jamesdan and big sister Lyla, who is three years old.

We caught up with them at their Goose Island, South Carolina, home. And guess what, the gator is still on the loose wandering the neighborhood!

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The kids were playing outside when mom, Sonia, first spotted the gator hiding in the bushes. They thought he was a turtle!

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked the children, "Was he walking your way?"

Lyla exclaimed, "He was walking our way!"

They watched the beast from the safety of their living room window. As the gator moved on, mom hit the record button on her cell phone. 

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With a predator on the loose, the whole family is staying indoors - and we think that's a pretty good idea!

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